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   Bag Dump Station


Bag dump stations are also known as bag unloaders, bag tip stations, sack tip stations, bag unloaders, bag emptier, sack emptier etc. Bag dump stations let the user empty the material in any bag, drum or any similar container and transfer it to another equipment like conveyor, mixer, silo etc. While unloading the bag, the emmited dust is vacuumed by the system. The air is filtered and dust is sent back to the process. Bag dump stations prevent any harmfull dust spread to the environment


- Safe and clean working environment
- Dust free environment air
- Easier discharging of bags, sacks and drums
- Applicable for different conveying and storage systems
- Wide range of models for different applications
- Easy to clean
- Maintenance free design

Bag dump station, bag unloader






Operating Principle of Bag Dump Station

Material in the bag, sack or drum is discharged into the hopper of station. The dusty air is vacuumed by dust collection system and filtered out. The material is discharged through the discharge port and sent to the next process eqipment like conveyor, silo, mixer etc.


Bag unloader bag dump station





- Rigid, steel construction
- Vibration motors for better product flow
- Filtrering system
- Jet pulse system for automatic filter cleaning
- Cartridge type replacable filters
- Powerfull vacuum fan







Extra Options:

- Weighing and dosing system
- Food grade stainless steel construction
- Level sensors







Discharging With Pneumatic Conveying System

Bulk solids in the bag is transferred by pneumatic conveying system. It can be conveyed to long distances by air pressure or vacuum. Equipments like silo, container or mixer can be filled by pneumatic conveying system connected to sack tip station. Bulk solid materials in powder and granule form like plastics, pvc, cement flour etc can be handled by such kind of system.




Pneumatic silo loading from bag dump station

Discharging With Screw Feeder

Bulk solids in the bag is transferred by screw conveyor.  Equipments installed near the unit can be filled by screw feeder connected to sack tip station. Bulk solid materials in powder and granule form like plastics, pvc, cement flour etc can be handled by such kind of system.

Mixer loading from bag dump station by screw feeder


Bag Dumping and Sack Discharge Station Applications

Bag dump stations with built-in dust collectors Sack tipping stations and dust collection jet filters
Bag dump stations with glovebox and dust collector   Sack opening systems and dust collection units for mixer feeeding
Sack opening station with dust collector   Bag discharge and sack tipping station
Stainless steel bag dumping and discahrging station   Bag discharging equipment with rotary valve and pneumatic conveying system
Batching dosing and weighing unit with sack discharger   Tanker truck loading bellow and sack discharge station
Bulk solid mixer and dosing system with bag dump station   Bag dumping station for bulk truck loading system



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