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   CNC Simulation and Verification Software



The CNC simulation software has been developed for simulation of all parts and operations of a CNC machine. The user inputs the NC codes, workpiece geometry, tool, tool holders and other machine parameters into computer program, then starts simulation. The simulation software shows all the machine motions. All possible machining errors can be seen during simulation. These errors are; interference of machine parts, workpiece and invalid NC codes. After simulation, the user can visualise the cut workpiece and check it for the desired dimensions. To achieve good simulation and verification properties, several material removal and error checking algorithms have been developed throughout the software development process.

General Features


The simulation and verification software can simulate a 4-axis (X,Y,Z,C) control CNC turning center which has a drum type rotating tool turret head, spindle NC indexing mechanism and ATC (automatic tool changer). It enables turning, milling, chuck work and center work.


- All machine parts involving cutting operation are represented in 3 dimensional view.

- Dynamic zoom, pan and rotation capability during simulation

- Wireframe and shaded view options

- Visualisation is done with solid modelling

- Automatic stop and error description when error occurs during simulation

- Distinct realtime workpiece examination window

- Simultaneous display and tracking of NC Codes

- NC Code editor

- NC Code import and export functionality

- Control of machine part movements outside of the simulation process

- Workpiece creation and modification tool

- Machine components creation tool

- Tool setup editor

- Tools and machine part geometries can be imported from other CAD programs

- "Sat" file format support for importing and exporting workpiece or machine part geometries.

- Adaptability for different CNC turning centers

- Collisions that can be trapped: 

    Tool vs Chuck, chuck jaws

    Tool holder vs chuck, chuck jaws

    Machine body vs turret

    Chuck, chuck jaws vs turret

    Tailstock vs turret

    Workpiece vs turret

    Workpiece vs tool holder

    Tool vs tailstock

    Tool holder vs tailstock

- Other errors that can be trapped:

    G code syntax errors

    Invalid G codes

    Tool, tool holder placements on turret

    Excessive depth of cut




Maximum Number of Turrets That Can be Simulated: 1

Turret Motion Capacity: X,Y,Z axes and rotation for tool changing.

Turret Tool Holding Capacity: Unlimited number of tools can be loaded, rotating tools can be simulated, ATC is also available.

Spindle Control: C-axis control available

Tailstock: Available

Tooling Capabilities: 32768 tools can be defined. Tool offset can be simulated.

Programming capability: Unlimited number of NC Codes can be entered. Sub programs can be used.


Screenshots of the Software

Machine parts can be designed parametrically

 Different workpiece shapes can be designed or imported.

Fixturing is also available



Tool and tool holder setup module permits complex shaped tool design


Realistic tool offset setup is available


G Code editor window


Simulation screen



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