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   Grain Vac, Mobile Pneumatic Conveyor



Grain Vac is a mobile pneumatic conveying system used in agriculture. Grain vac is capable of vacuuming the bulk solid from one point and transferring it to another point by pressure. A flexible suction hose is used to vacuum the grain from basement, silo container etc. Bulk material is conveyed to silo, truck, basement etc. by air pressure through the discharge hose. An optional discharge cyclone is connected to discharge hose which provides an easier truck loading. One user is enough for conveying operations. Grain Vacs can be operated by either electrical motor, diesel engine or tractor PTO. Speciel hinge mechanism lets them to be carried by tractor.


- Dust free operation
- Bulk material does not pass trough any high speed device like fan or propeller. Therefore no harm is seen on conveyed product.
- Product degradation is minimal
- No moving parts like augers that may cause injurence
- Augers are to be adjusted by moving during conveying, there are no adjustments required for grain vacs
- Longer conveying distances than augers 



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Grain vacuum


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