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   Pneumatic Handling, Conveying and Dosing Equipment


Pneumatic handling systems have several different components and equipment. Conveying, batching, dosing of bulk solids, powders and granules are done with these equipment.

Roots Blower

They are used for generating air flow at high flow rates with low pressure (up to 1000 mbar gauge) and vacuum (-500 mbar gauge). Roots blowers are positive displacement, rotary lobe type air pumps. Main application areas are; waste water treatment, ULV , aquaculture, and pneumatic conveying of bulk solids.




Roots Blower


Airlock, Rotary Valve

Rotary airlocks or valves are used to control the flow of bulk solids from silos, hopper or cyclones. Rotary valves provide continuous, reliable bulk solid flow like wheat, grain, cement, pellets.


Rotary Valve


Diverter, Flow Control Valves

Diverter valves, flow control valves are used to control the flow of bulk solids. They can open, close the conveying line or change the direction of flow of powders and granules.

Pneumatic Diverter Valve


Bag Dump Station

When materials must be dumped from bags to feed machinery or to fill containers, bag dump stations provide dust free and easy emptying of bags.  

Bag dump station


Silo Filter Vents, Jet Pulse Filters

Jet filters are used to vent pneumatically filled silos, tanks and containers keeping the dust inside of the silo (or container etc) and letting the pneumatic air to leave it.

Silo top filter vent


Big Bag Discharge Station

Big bag unloaders provide dust free and easy emptying of big bulk bags. The contents of big bags are easly transferred to silos, mixers, and conveyors etc.

Big bag discharge station





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