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   Pump Gear Design Software



Gear pump is one of the most important pump type in industry. The quality and performance of the pumps depends on the geometry of pump gears. Because of that, we have developed our own gear design software for high quality products.

Gerotor pump gears

The software designs the gears with respect to the users's choices. User only defines major properties of the pump (like number of teeth, outer diameter, required flow rate) and software does the rest of the job. It extracts gear geometry. This output can be used in other CAD softwares using dwg file format.



– External and internal pump gears can be designed.
– A few major dimensions are enough for achieving desired pump performance.
– Obtained geometry is precise and accurate enough for machining. (with zero backlash and gap distance)
– Flow rate performance of the pump is shown instantenously.




Pump gear design cad software

External Gear Pump Design



Internal pump gear design cad software

Internal Gear Pump Design



Pump gear software output in Autocad

Exported Geometry to a CAD Software


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