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   Roots Blower Applications

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Roots blowers are widely used in industrial processes. They are suitable in huge number of applications. Including pressure and vacuum based systems.

Blowers In Waste Water Treatment

Roots blowers are used in waste water treatment plants for aeration. Large range of capacities are available for different needs.


Blower fine bubble diffuser


Blowers In ULV Fogging Applications

ULV( ultra low volume) fogging machines are used to fight with insects. High pressure air about 400 - 500 mbar is used to spray insecticide with very low size. This makes insecticide kept on air for long times and increases its efficiency. Roots blowers supply the required air for ulv systems.



Blower for ulv applications


Blowers In Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Roots blowers are used to supply required air for pneumatic conveying systems. Depending on type of pneumatic conveying application (pressure conveying or vacuum conveying), blower can supply pressurized air, vacuum air or both of them simultaneously. The oil free air supply of blowers make them useful for dilute phase pneumatic conveying sytems.

Pneumatic conveying blower


Roots Blower for Aquaculture

Roots type blower pumps supply continuous fresh air for fish farms (for fish aeration) and aquaculture applications.


Blower for aquaculture fish aeration


Blowers In Surface Treatment Processes

Roots blowers supply air and provide mixing of pools in surface treatment processes like galvanizing, chrome plating. The oil free air of blowers is important to keep the surface treatment liquid clean.

Surfae treatment blower


Blowers In Asphalt Plants and Asphalt Distribution Machines

Blowers are used to supply air for burning and heating of asphalt.. A gasoline pump is attached to blower. Both blower and the gasoline pump supply air and gasoline for the burning chamber.  


Asfalt Blower

Other Applications of Roots Blowers


- Air knives

- Drying

- Paper industry

- Flour mills

- Jet pulse filters, blowers supply pressurized air for pulse jets

- Vacuum systems, vacuum handling

- Biodiesel plants

- Dust collection systems

- Sand blasting processes

- Painting machines

- Kenitex applications

- Grain handling

- Agriculture applications




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