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Blower Operating Principle


Roots blower operating principle

Main components of the blower are, two figure–8 shaped impellers (also referred as rotors or lobes). These impellers rotate in oppposite directions. As they rotate, a fixed quantity of gas at the inlet side is trapped between the impeller and the casing. The rotating impeller pushes the trapped gas to the discharge side against whatever pressure exists in the system. The cycle repeats four times with every revolution. The three lobe blowers have the same operating princble.



Gas Compression

Rotary positive displacement pump, also referred to as positive displacement (PD) blowers or roots blowers, are machines that "pushes" a relatively constant volume of gas through a system. Unlike compressors, a roots blower does not internally compress the gas. The compression is achieved through the blower pushing the constant volume against restrictions downstream in a pressure system. Flow through a PD machine is relatively constant, regardless of pressure changes. This is different from a centrifugal compressor, which maintains a relatively constant pressure while the flow varies.


Oil-Free Conveying

Since blower impellers do not make contact with each other and housing, no lubrication is required in gas conveying chamber. Therefore there exists no extra material in the conveying medium.  This feature makes roots blowers have a great advantage in applications that require clean air or gas like aquaculture, milling, pneumatic conveying of foods and, chemicals.


Drive Types

Blowers are driven by electrical motors, internal combustion engines and hydraulic motors. Flexible couplings, V-belt drives, speed reducers can be used to make connection betwen blower and drive.


Blower Packages

For an easy installation option, blowers can be prepared within a package unit which contains electrical motor, silencers and other accessories.


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