Atex Certified Diverter Valves And Flow Control Valves

In explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres, ATEX certified diverter valves and flow control valves are used to guide bulk solids into different targets from a source and control the flow of bulk solids. Fine dust from combustible bulk materials accumulates and forms a concentrated dust cloud, resulting in explosive atmospheres. Any ignition source, such as a spark, overheating, or excessive friction, might result in a dangerous dust explosion in the zone. In industrial applications, the use of ATEX certified equipment helps to isolate and limit the risk of dust explosions while protecting the environment. The ATEX certified valves from Polimak are built to meet the ATEX regulations and directives.

The use of ATEX certified equipment in industrial applications helps isolate and reduce the risks of dust explosions and protects the surrounding. Polimak’s ATEX certified valves are designed to conform to the ATEX regulations and directives.

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