Big Bag Discharging Station With Hoist

The Open Top Big Bag Discharge Station, the Big Bag Discharger Upper Frame with Big Bag Hanging Unit, and the Big Bag Discharging Station with Hoist are just a few of Polimak’s big bag discharging systems variants. We also provide mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems to help transport bulk solid material from the big bag to its final destination.
The animation demonstrates how the Big Bag Discharging Station with Hoist operates. This system has a monorail and a chain hoist and is supported by a frame. With the help of a motorised trolley, the chain hoist is utilized to raise and transfer the bulk bag. The bulk bag is moved and positioned in the centre of the frame during operation, then lowered to the support pan. The pan supports the weight of the big bag and may be supplied with vibrators to aid in the appropriate release of dry bulk material from the big bag. An operator reaches through an access door, clamps (provided this option is available) and unties the bag’s spout. The operator closes the access door after the dry material starts to flow from the big bag to the hopper. The downstream equipment transports the solid material to the desired location. A dust collection system is also utilized to keep dust emissions under control.

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