Dry Bulk Materials Storage Silos

Dry bulk materials that are powdered or granular are used in a variety of industrial handling processes. The storage of large quantities of dry raw materials necessitates the use of secure and sophisticated storage units. For the aforementioned materials, silos are one of the best bulk solids storage systems. They (silos) don’t take up lots of space, which helps with manoeuvrability in an industrial plant. Because silos are such a critical part of the bulk solids industries’ production lines, they necessitate a high level of skill to design them with the right layout, geometry, and size. Polimak delivers dependable solutions for silos and other bulk storage systems, from conceptual design to complete implementation.

Polimak offers a broad range of storage silos depending on the industrial application, the handled bulk material and the environmental conditions. Our products range from small-sized temporary bulk storage silos to large capacity storage silos. To ensure optimal performance and low operating costs, Polimak’s bulk materials storage containers are designed and constructed using cutting-edge engineering processes.

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