Roots Blowers, Rotary Lobe Blowers

Roots Blowers, Rotary Lobe BlowersRoots blowers are positive displacement rotary lobe pumps that operate by pumping a gas such as air via pair of two-lobed rotary vanes (rotors). They are used to produce pressurized or vacuum air in a variety of industrial applications. Roots blowers are essential in a variety of dry bulk material handling operations and are widely employed in industries such as agriculture, cement, food, plastics, mining, and water treatment, among others.
Roots blowers contain two symmetrical rotors having two or three meshing lobes that counter-rotate during operation. Rotors are often driven by a belt-driven system located on the equipment’s back side, rather than by contact of the meshing vanes. The rotors have a small clearance between them. The motion of the counter-rotating rotors causes air to be displaced from an inlet port to an outlet port during operation. The rotors’ rotational speed is the primary determinant of airflow rate.
Root blower packages are manufactured by Polimak for a variety of industrial applications. Our blowers are distinguished for their simplicity of installation, low maintenance requirements, years of trouble-free service, and robustness in severe environments. A wide range of roots blower models and accessories are available, depending on process conditions and site requirement.

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