Rotary Feeders

What is a rotary valve?Bulk solids feeders are used to assist the transportation of bulk materials (supply and discharge) within systems in many industries. Bulk solids feeders are an integral part of the dry bulk solids industry. Polimak manufactures a variety of bulk feeders, including rotary feeders.
We provide a large selection of rotary feeders to assist our customers in handling bulk solid materials efficiently. We design and produce cutting-edge rotary feeders that deliver high-quality results during bulk material handling. Airlock feeders are used in a variety of industries, including chemical, foundry, mining, food, and many more.
Rotary feeders are designed similarly to rotary valves, depending on the application requirements. The feeders have vanes that rotate at an appropriate rpm to discharge the bulk solids into a downstream unit or system. They are capable of precisely discharging and feeding dry solids in powdered or granular form from hoppers or silos. The valve can operate as an airlock feeder in some situations when pressure differentials are present, such as a pneumatic operating line. This allows for material flow while also limiting air loss. The vanes of the rotary valve form a slight seal against the housing surface, reducing air leakage.

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