Stockpile Loading Bellows

Polimak is an industrial company that specializes in the design and manufacture of bulk solids handling machinery. Our goal, as a company with over forty years of experience in the bulk solids industry, is to design and manufacture state-of-the-art bulk solids machinery that provides exceptional performance for our clients during bulk material(s) handling. We render a wide selection of bulk material loading solutions, and the stockpile loading bellows are one of several bulk solids handling equipment that Polimak has and is producing to help with efficient stockyard management. In industrial operations, stocking bulk materials in powdered or granular form is a regular task. To automate these processes smoothly, a tremendous degree of expertise is required.

Stockpile loading bellows come in a wide variety of models and designs, depending on the bulk material type, loading capacity, and application requirements.

They are broadly utilised for efficient and dust controlled discharging of powdered or granular bulk solids to stockpiles. Stockpile loading bellows provide fast and steady material flow during discharge. The bulk solids are transferred from a source (hopper, silo, screw feeder etc.) to a stockpile basement without difficulty. The dry solids fall freely through the loading spouts. Inner cones, outer bellow, flexible skirt, dust collector, lifting cables, level sensors, and other features are available on these systems.

The loading spouts have inside tapered cones that provide for consistent and smooth material flow, as well as an outside flexible bellow that aids in dust removal. They also have flexible skirts at the bottom of the spouts to prevent dust from escaping to the outside of the bellow. The dust collection system captures and filters the dust produced during the material discharge process. The clean air is passed out after the dirty air is filtered, and the dust gathered inside the filter is returned to the bellow. The level sensors on the loading spouts are used to check the levels of the bulk material on a regular basis, causing the spouts to be adjusted correspondingly. Outside of the bulk material flow, the lifting cables assist in the lowering and raising of the loading bellows.

Polimak systems render environmental and consumer advantages by allowing easy installation and operation, quick commissioning, low capital, low operating and maintenance costs, remote control, and low labour and energy costs. While manufacturing issue-free, long-lasting loading bellows, Polimak’s engineered production includes problem definition, conceptualization, design, validation, production, and installation.

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