Stockpile Loading Bellows

Stockpile Loading BellowsPolimak is an industrial firm that specializes in the design and manufacture of bulk solids handling equipment. Our goal as a company with over forty years of experience in the bulk solids sector is to design and manufacture state-of-the-art bulk solids machinery that deliver exceptional performance for our clients during bulk materials handling. We have a wide selection of bulk material loading solutions, and the stockpile loading bellows are one of several bulk solids handling equipment that Polimak produces to help with efficient stockyard management. In industrial operations, stocking bulk materials in powder or granular form is a regular task. A great deal of know-how is required to automate this process smoothly.

Stockpile Loading BellowsStockpile loading bellows come in a variety of forms and designs, depending on the bulk material type, loading capacity, and application needs. They’re frequently utilized for discharging powdered or granular bulk solids to stockpiles in an efficient and dust-controlled manner. During discharge, they enable quick and consistent material flow. Bulk materials are easily transported from the source (hopper, silo, screw feeder, and so on) to the stockpile basement as they fall freely through the loading spouts. Inner cones, outer bellow, flexible skirt, dust collector, lifting cables, level sensors and other features are available on these systems.

The loading spouts contain inner tapered cones that allow steady and smooth material flow and an outer flexible bellow which helps with the removal of dust. They also contain flexible skirts that are situated at the bottom end of the spouts to prevent dust emission to outside of the bellow. The dust collection system captures and filters the dust formed during the material discharge process. When the dusty air is filtered, the clean air is passed out and the dust collected inside the filter is transferred back to the bellow. The level sensors installed on the loading spouts are used to continuously check the levels of the bulk material, which consequently leads to the adjustment of the spouts accordingly. The lifting cables are located outside the bulk material flow and aid with the lowering and raising of the loading bellows.

The concept behind the operation of loading bellows is the vertical discharge (a free fall discharge). When stockpile loading begins, the loading bellow is lowered from its stand-by position towards the stockpile floor. The wires stop lowering the bellow once the outlet (dust skirt) reaches the ground. The dust skirt fairly retains the dust within the bellow during material discharge, and the dust collection system gathers the dust. The gathered dust is filtered, the clean air is released into the environment, and the captured dust is returned to the bellow. This helps prevent bulk material waste. The loading bellow automatically retracts upwards as the bulk material stacks up, allowing for smooth and quick material flow. When stockpiling is completed, the system pauses a few minutes before fully retracting to assure complete material discharge and dust collecting. After then, the system returns to its stand-by position.

Some of the dry bulk materials in powder or granular form handled by stockpile loading bellows include cement, fly ash, mining minerals, calcium carbonate, pvc, plastic pellets, plastic powders, polyethylene, ceramic powders, alumina, bentonite, bauxite, coal, cement clinker, gypsum, perlite, kaolin, limestone, marble powder, soda ash, quartz, urea, sodium sulphate, wheat, flour, animal feed, seed, corn, rice, sugar, salt and many more.

Stockpile Loading Bellows

Polimak’s stockpile loading bellows can even provide solutions to different application processes. The following are some of the benefits of these loading bellows:

  • Handle bulk materials with high temperatures up to 300°C.
  • Exceptional dust free loading due to the dust collection system and the skirt at the bottom.
  • Ensure enviromental safety by preventing dust pollution.
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance.
  • Lifting cables outside bulk material flow hence reducing/preventing cable wear by material friction.
  • Various models for a wide range of applications.
  • No wasting of bulk material.
  • No obstruction of the bulk material flow by the lifting cables.
  • Possibility of loading from various sources (hopper, silo, conveyors etc.).
  • Appropriate for diverse bulk solids conveying and storage systems.

Polimak Systems offer environmental and consumer benefits, by allowing easy installation and operation, quick commissioning, low capital, low operating and maintenance costs, remote control, and low labor and energy costs. Polimak’s engineered production incorporates problem definition, conceptualization, design, validation, production and installation while manufacturing problem free, long lifespan loading bellows.

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