The Mobile Big Bag Discharging And Bulk Truck Loading System Animation

Several industries involved in bulk solids handling store and move bulk materials from one location to another (from the storage site to the loading site). Regardless of the distance between the storage station and the loading station, solutions such as stationary discharge and loading terminals are considered. For successful loading operations, the big bags must be transported from the storage site to the loading site. Due of the bulk trucks’ and forklifts’ lack of maneuverability in some circumstances, this technique is inefficient, time-consuming, and unfeasible.
Bulk solid material handling is a major challenge in the bulk industry and must be carefully managed. Because of this, Polimak offers a variety of mobile bulk truck loading systems, including the mobile big bag discharge and bulk truck loading system. This technique is used to efficiently discharge big bags and load bulk trucks without creating dust. It has a lot of advantages over fixed discharging and loading stations where the storage and loading locations are far apart.

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