Mobile Bulk Truck Loader

Big bag discharging and bulk truck loading processes are always problematic. The dust spread to atmosphere during big bag discharging and truck loading. Lifting big bags by overhead cranes or forklifts above the truck and discharging by man power causes safety risks. Inefficient methods increase operation time, labor and energy costs.

A fixed big bag discharging and truck loading terminal could also be possible but storage location of big bags and truck loading station may not be close to each other. Though, lots of big bag transportaiton operation might be needed. And investment cost of such a terminal may not lead to a feasible solution.

Huge bulk trucks may not approach to big bag discharge station or they may not make moves easily in the plant. Though, these trucks and forklifts cause a traffic jam. This means, operational problems, lost of time and energy, occupational safety risks.No more worries. Polimak Mobile Big Bag Discharge and Bulk Truck Loading System enables efficient big bag discharge and dust-free loading of bulk materials to a tanker trucks.The system consists of a mobile platform, big bag discharger, screw conveyor, loading bellow, and dust collection system. It can be towed by a vehicle to anywhere you need. The upward and downward movable screw conveyor can transfer different types of materials quickly. It can be brought to horizontal position for easy and safe transport. The loading bellow can be moved up and down with a remote controller and adjust to the height of the truck. It closes the loading hole of the tanker truck to prevent dust leakage. The dust collection system vacuums dust from the loading hopper and the loading bellow, then transfer back to the hopper to prevent the material loss.

The advantages of the mobile bulk truck loader:

  • It is mobile. The whole system is connected to a wheeled mobile chassis that allows the transportation of the system to the desired location by towbar, forklift or vehicle.
  • It is functional. The screw conveyor can be brought to horizontal position when the system is moved to another location. With this compact form, it can be loaded in a truck and brought to any place you desire.
  • It saves time. Efficient discharging of big bags and dust-free loading of bulk trucks at the same time. The system can transfer a bigbag in only 1,5 – 2 minutes.
  • It is easy to operate. One man can handle both discharging bigbags and loading tanker at the same time. With the help of bigbag cutting knives, the forklift operator does not have to get off the vehicle.
  • It is remote. You can control the whole operation with a remote controller.
  • It is problem-free. It can work a long time without any need for maintenance.
  • It is suitable for uneven ground. The screw jack leveling legs can be adjusted for any uneven ground for safe operation.
  • It is adjustable. The loading bellow can be extended and retracted concerning the height of the bulk truck.
  • It is environmentally friendly. The system has a built-in dust collection system. In this way, the dust is not released to the atmosphere, captured and transferred to the truck to prevent material loss.

Big bag discharging and bulk truck loading system