Bulk material dosing systems

Batching, Weighing and Dosing Systems

Batching, weighing and dosing systems are used to mix different kind of bulk materials to form a new product. Systems are designed to handle and measure bulk materials accurately to obtain perfect processing.

Pneumatic conveying package systems machine

Pneumatic Conveying Packages

Package type pneumatic conveying systems provide simple, fast and practical solutions for powdered and granular bulk material conveying needs.

Raw material automation

Bulk Material Automation

Turnkey bulk material automation systems from raw material input to end product output. Bulk solid loading, filling, discharging, conveying transportation, mixing, dosing, feeding, weighing equipment are combined together to have a complete production line. Design, production, installation and commissioning services for production lines of wide range of industries are avaliable from one supplier.

Cement handling plant storage loading discharging

Cement Transfer Facility

Cement transfer facilities are use to load, discharge, store and package large amount of cement in ports , logistics centers and industrial plants. Big bag discharge systems, bulk truck loading systems, temporary storage silos, cement bagging machines are some of the main components of cement transfer facilities.

Fly ash conveying and handling systems

Fly Ash Handling Systems

Fly ash is created in power plants that use coal or biomass for energy source. Fly ash handling systems are used to collect, transport and store fly ash providing clean and safe environment.


Industrial software industry 4.0 big data artifical intelligence bulk solid proccessing

Industrial Software Development

Polimak has been developing softwares for industrial applications. Process, control applications, PLC automation, IOT , graphical design and CAD utilities, mechanical engineering softwares are in our product range.

Industrial project PID PFD desig

Industrial Process and Equipment Design

The ability to provide expert solutions to wide range of industries derives from a team of experts who have long years of experience in designing, production and installation of industrial components and systems. Polimak helps you solve industrial challenges.