Silo Equipment

Bulk solid storage silos has several equipment attached to them to function properly. Product level in the silo is monitored. Silo filter is used for dust collection. Pressure sensors, pressure relief valves work for silo safety. Discharge aid equipments work for durable product flow. Valves and feeders control the silo discharge.

Silo equipments

Jet Filter

Cement silo jet filter

Silo Level Switch / Sensor

Silo level switches (sometimes called as silo level sensor) are used to monitor the bulk material level in the silo. A rotating paddle on the sensor is submerged into the silo. When the product fills the surroundings of the paddle, it can not rotate anymore. And a signal is generated to indicate that the level is over the position of level sensor.
Silo level switch sensor Silo seviye göstergesi, seviye şalteri

Silo Pressure Relief Valve

Silo pressure relief valve is used to prevent any high pressure generation within the silo. During filling of the silo with pneumatic conveying, there may be risk of pressure increase within the silo. Pressure relief valve vents the silo if the pressure level rises above the determined level and maintains low pressure. Silo pressure relief valves are one of the important safety devices used in bulk solid storage silos.
Silo pressure relief valve

Silo Pressure Sensor

Silo pressure sensors are used to measure the air pressure level within the silo. It sends signals to silo control systems or automation systems to indicate the pressure level.
Silo pressure sensor

Silo Aeration Pads / Air Jets

To fluidize the bulk solid within the silo, aeration pads are used. The fluidized material will flow easily and silo discharging will be better. Aeration pads / air jets are placed near the discharge outlet flange of the silo. Pressurized air is applied to air jets and makes the bulk solid flow better.
Silo air pad Silo air pressure pads

Silo Discharge Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are used to control the discharge of bulk solids from silos.
Bulk solid silo butterfly valve

Silo Discharge Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are widely used below the silos to control the flow of bulk solids.
screw conveyor

Rotary Valve

The rotary valve placed under the silo, is used to control the bulk solid (in powder or granule form) discharge from these units and feed equipments like conveyor, screw feeder, mixer etc.
Silo discahrger

Bin Activator

Bin activators are also know as vibrating bin dischargers. They generate a vibration below the silo to fluidize the bulk solid in the silo, make it flow downwards and discharge easier. Bin activators are very helpfull for bulk solids that flow hard. Brochure of Bin Activator
Bin activator Vibrating silo bin bottom

Silo Control System

Silo control systems are used in silos where bulk trucks load the silos by pneumatic conveying system. They check the level of product in the silo, inner pressure of silo, they control the jet filter, inlet and discharge valves for safety and reliability.
Bulk truck silo loading control system

Pinch Valve

Pinch valves are used to control the flow of bulk solids in pneumatic conveying lines. Actuation of the valve, the pinching action is accomplished by air pressure placed on the sleeve. The flexible sleeve tightly closes the line. When the valve is open, there is no internal parts or geometries that can block or slow down the flow.

pinch valve