What is a rotary valve? Where is it used and with which materials?

Rotary valves are referred to by various names. The most common ones are rotary airlock and rotary feeders. The application of the valve gives rise to its name, whether a feeder, an airlock or even both. The term ‘rotary valve’ will be our focus for this article.

Stockpile Loading Bellows

Polimak is an industrial company concerned with the design and production of machineries used for bulk solids handling. With over forty years of experience in the bulk solids industry, our objective is to devise and produce state-of-the-art bulk solids machineries which provide quality performance during bulk material(s) handling for our clients.

Operation Clean Sweep Signatory

We are delighted and pleased to announce that Polimak is now one of the companies that are signatories to the European Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme which is aimed at enhancing awareness, promoting best practices, and providing guidance and tools to support companies from the plastics value chain in the implementation of the necessary pellet loss prevention measures.

Mobile Bulk Truck Loading Systems

Many different bulk solids handling industries store and transport bulk materials from one point to the other during handling processes. These bulk solid materials are stored in silos, bulk bins, bulk bags etc., and are transported around by using bulk carriers such as bulk trucks.

Bulk Solid Feeders

What are bulk solids feeders? During bulk material handling processes, an amount of the bulk raw material is transferred from one point to another e.g., the transfer of the bulk material from a silo to a tank.

Custom Made Rotary Valves

Rotary valves are used as solution for various application areas and industries such as food, cement, iron, steel, agriculture, chemicals and plastics to ensure continous control or regulated function.

Custom designed rotary valves delivered in short time

For ensuring continous control or regulated function, rotary valves are preferred in many processes like food and chemical processing, pharmaceutical and plastics manufacturing, dosage control, mixing, batching and many others like silo discharging, pneumatic conveying line feeding and discharging.