Join Polimak at Powtech 2023

We are thrilled to announce our participation at Powtech 2023, where industry leaders, innovators, and experts gather to showcase their latest advancements in powder and bulk solids technology. As a renowned provider of cutting-edge solutions for bulk material handling, Polimak is excited to present its innovative products and expertise at this prestigious event.

Bulk Solids Handling Meets Space Exploration

We are excited to announce that, based on our extensive expertise in bulk solids handling, we have developed groundbreaking technologies for regolith handling. We will be showcasing these advancements at the upcoming Space Resources Week,

Polimak Smart Rotary Feeder

Process and manufacturing industries such as cement, agriculture, food, chemicals, plastics and many others rely on rotary feeders to facilitate efficient bulk material flow. Facilitating efficient bulk material flow requires uninterrupted operations, unfortunately, operational issues can arise.

The Differences between IoT and IIoT

Keeping pace with advancements in technology and how they impact our daily errands (both on an industrial scale and a domestic scale) is an ongoing quest. Any unnoticed developments can cost industrial a great deal, even though keeping abreast of technology is not an easy feat.

Dilute Phase vs Dense Phase Conveying Systems

With regard to bulk material handling and transfer in various industries, pneumatic conveying systems provide a wide range of benefits compared to other mechanical systems.

Combined vacuum and pressure conveying system

What are the types of dilute conveying systems?

Dilute phase conveying systems can be designed in three distinct ways; (i) positive pressure systems, (ii) negative pressure systems, also known as vacuum conveying systems, and (iii) combined negative and positive pressure systems.

Why You Should Check Out Polimak at POWTECH 2022

Polimak provides innovative and efficient bulk solid handling systems that are sure to impress. We'll be at POWTECH 2022 from September 27th until 29th where you can see our latest products up close and personal!

Key Element in Pneumatic Conveying

Key Element in Pneumatic Conveying (Blowers)

Pneumatic conveying is a simple but effective transferring system, in which bulk solid products are carried from one place to another with the help of pressurized air. Bulk material that will be transferred could be unloaded from a silo or hopper and moved to other systems such as bulk truck, silo, big bag etc.

Mobile Train Wagon Unloader

Train transportation is one of the most convenient transportation methods, as it is cost-effective. But the train size difference does not allow one train to move across the whole of Europe. There are several options to solve this problem considering the carried product type.

Poor/Bad Flow Problems

How to Improve Bulk Material Flow in Silo | Bin | Hopper?

When it comes to bulk material handling, poor flow problems are one of the most common issues experienced in industrial systems. Basically, when a bulk solid is put to be stored in a vessel, some of it / or all of the product is stuck inside the vessel. An obvious sign of flow problems is slower discharge of your silo or inconsistent flow of bulk material.