Key Element in Pneumatic Conveying

Key Element in Pneumatic Conveying (Blowers)

Pneumatic conveying is a simple but effective transferring system, in which bulk solid products are carried from one place to another with the help of pressurized air. Bulk material that will be transferred could be unloaded from a silo or hopper and moved to other systems such as bulk truck, silo, big bag etc.

Mobile Train Wagon Unloader

Train transportation is one of the most convenient transportation methods, as it is cost-effective. But the train size difference does not allow one train to move across the whole of Europe. There are several options to solve this problem considering the carried product type.

Poor/Bad Flow Problems

How to Improve Bulk Material Flow in Silo | Bin | Hopper?

When it comes to bulk material handling, poor flow problems are one of the most common issues experienced in industrial systems. Basically, when a bulk solid is put to be stored in a vessel, some of it / or all of the product is stuck inside the vessel. An obvious sign of flow problems is slower discharge of your silo or inconsistent flow of bulk material.

Atex Certified Diverter Valves And Flow Control Valves

In explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres, ATEX certified diverter valves and flow control valves are used to guide bulk solids into different targets from a source and control the flow of bulk solids. Fine dust from combustible bulk materials accumulates and forms a concentrated dust cloud, resulting in explosive atmospheres.

Bag Dump Station

Bag Dump Station

Bag dump stations by Polimak are designed to open and discharge small volume bulk bags safely and efficiently. Our bag dumping systems come in a range of forms to meet a variety of operating needs. Dry bulk material properties, bulk bag size, downstream equipment, safety, and other important factors all influence the bag dump unit's design.

Big Bag Emptying Station

Big Bag Discharging Station With Hoist

The Open Top Big Bag Discharge Station, the Big Bag Discharger Upper Frame with Big Bag Hanging Unit, and the Big Bag Discharging Station with Hoist are just a few of Polimak's big bag discharging systems variants. We also provide mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems to help transport bulk solid material from the big bag to its final destination.

Big bag discharging silo filling system

Big Bag Discharging Systems

The volume of raw dry bulk material handling processes in the bulk solid industries has increased in recent decades. These raw dry bulk materials can be transported in big bags in a variety of methods from one site to another. The emptying of these bags necessitates the use of bulk discharge systems with components tailored to a specific application. It's also worth noting that these big bag discharge systems must meet a wide range of requirements and be able to operate in a variety of situations, such as with big bags of varying sizes.

Bin Activator

Bin Activator

Due to the fluidity of some dry bulk materials, discharge of dry solids from upstream equipment (silos, bins, etc.) with flow aids such as pneumatic hammers, air cannons, or even fluidised pads is often impossible. Bridging and ratholing are some of the problems faced when dry bulk materials are discharged from upstream equipment due to a lack of fluidity.

Dry Bulk Materials Storage Silos

Dry bulk materials that are powdered or granular are used in a variety of industrial handling processes. The storage of large quantities of dry raw materials necessitates the use of secure and sophisticated storage units. For the aforementioned materials, silos are one of the best bulk solids storage systems.

Dust Collection Systems And Jet Filters

During the handling of dry bulk solids in powdered or granular form, dust may be discharged into the atmosphere. This dust emission poses a threat to human health and the environment. Dust collecting systems and jet pulse filters are used to reduce harmful emissions during bulk solids handling processes.

Roots Blowers, Rotary Lobe Blowers

Roots Blowers, Rotary Lobe Blowers

Roots blowers are positive displacement rotary lobe pumps that operate by pumping a gas such as air via pair of two-lobed rotary vanes (rotors). They are used to produce pressurized or vacuum air in a variety of industrial applications. Roots blowers are essential in a variety of dry bulk material handling operations and are widely employed in industries such as agriculture, cement, food, plastics, mining, and water treatment, among others.

Rotary Feeders

Bulk solids feeders are used to assist the transportation of bulk materials (supply and discharge) within systems in many industries. Bulk solids feeders are an integral part of the dry bulk solids industry. Polimak manufactures a variety of bulk feeders, including rotary feeders.

Bulk Solids Screw Feeders

Bulk Solids Screw Feeders

During bulk material handling processes, such as the transfer of bulk materials from a silo to a tank, large amounts of bulk raw materials are transferred from one location to another. Bulk solids feeders are used to transfer bulk materials, which is important in the processing of bulk materials. Polimak, with its extensive experience in the bulk solids business, manufactures a wide range of special bulk solids feeders, including screw feeders.

Bulk ship loading spout bulk solid handling loading discharging spouts

Ship Loading Spout

In addition to our wide range of bulk solids handling systems, Polimak has designed and manufactured a new ship loading spout for the mining industry, which allows for easier, faster, and more effective bulk solids handling. The spout is 2,400 meters long, and Polimak has incorporated an industry-first feature: a 360o spinning spoon at the system's bottom for automated and optimum loading.

Bulk truck silo filling loading cement truck filter

Silo Control, Protection And Monitoring System

Bulk solids handlers need to store valuable raw materials, and bulk material storage silos enable efficient and safe storage for these raw materials. To guarantee plant(s) and operators' safety, the loading and discharging of the silos should be managed carefully. To ensure smooth operation and protection of the silo, Polimak's silo control and monitoring systems include a vast range of powder handling equipment, automation systems, and software solutions.

Stockpile Loading Bellows

Stockpile Loading Bellows

Polimak is an industrial company that specializes in the design and manufacture of bulk solids handling machinery. Our goal, as a company with over forty years of experience in the bulk solids industry, is to design and manufacture state-of-the-art bulk solids machinery that provides exceptional performance for our clients during bulk material(s) handling.

How Mobile big bag discharge silo truck loading system work how to discharge sack how to handle jumbo bag

The Mobile Big Bag Discharging And Bulk Truck Loading System Animation

Several industries involved in bulk solids handling store and move bulk materials from one location to another (from the storage site to the loading site). Regardless of the distance between the storage station and the loading station, solutions such as stationary discharge and loading terminals are considered.

What is a rotary valve?

What is a rotary valve? Where is it used and with which materials?

Rotary valves are referred to by various names. The most common ones are rotary airlock and rotary feeders. The application of the valve gives rise to its name, whether a feeder, an airlock or even both. The term 'rotary valve' will be our focus for this article.

Stockpile Loading Bellows

Polimak is an industrial company concerned with the design and production of machineries used for bulk solids handling. With over forty years of experience in the bulk solids industry, our objective is to devise and produce state-of-the-art bulk solids machineries which provide quality performance during bulk material(s) handling for our clients.

Operation Clean Sweep Signatory

We are delighted and pleased to announce that Polimak is now one of the companies that are signatories to the European Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme which is aimed at enhancing awareness, promoting best practices, and providing guidance and tools to support companies from the plastics value chain in the implementation of the necessary pellet loss prevention measures.