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It is most crucial for industries (smart industries) to monitor machines and processes in real time as well as guarantee optimal performance so as to improve production. Polimak industrial IoT solution – Politrace is an integrated IoT solution that combines process conditioning, machine health and inventory management, and computerised maintenance management technologies from a single source. Our strength is embedded in the collaboration of experts in software technology and the process industry to provide a single-source industrial IOT solution.

Industry 4.0 concepts and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are revolutionizing industrial processes. Connecting assets throughout the industrial value chain provides complete operational visibility to allow for real-time monitoring, analytics, decision making and improved levels of quality and efficiency. However running, operating and maintenance of each production line and industrial processing system necessitate deep expertise and knowledge based on long years of experience in the field. The mere connection of machinery to sophisticated software is not sufficient to comprehend the operations in the production line. It is also important to understand the physical meaning of the acquired data.

Industrial IoT Features

Predictive Quality

Predictive quality analytics helps obtain insights from data sources such as industrial equipment or systems and the enviroment. This feature utilises statistical algorithms like machine learning to predict future outcomes by simply determining trends and patterns. The objective of predictive quality is to determine needs that will improve the quality of the output in a factory. Decisions to improve products and processes at an early stage can be made with the help of predictive quality.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance analytics are typically used to measure and ascertain the real-time state of industrial equipment and systems. This helps the managers or/and operators to identify possible malfunctions prior to their occurrence, thereby, preventing downtime. The user is able to plan maintenance activities and keep the right inventory to avoid unplanned outages. The use of Politrace predictive maintenance analytics in industries increases personnel safety, improves the life cycle of machines and optimizes the supply chain.

Condition Monitoring

Politrace enables users to continuously monitor and infer the performance, health and status of operating equipment and systems in industries. With condition monitoring, the state of various machines can be measured with sensors by inspecting temperatures, pressures, vibrations, vacuum levels, power consumption etc. With condition monitoring, the user can access data from various endpoints and monitor the health and performance of various machines within an operating facility.

Industrial IoT Use Cases

Polimak Industrial IoT solution – Politrace has numerous application areas in industries. Politrace use cases include the following:

Silo Level Monitoring and Inventory System

Numerous industries utilise storage silos to store dry bulk materials. Maintaining these silos and inventory reserve vessels at optimal levels for efficient operations is of paramount importance. The maintenance of raw material reserves at levels that ensure optimal operations is very crucial because it helps industries cut out unnecessary additional storage or material runouts. With Politrace you are able to track the levels or weight of dry bulk materials in storage vessels (silos) using sensors, thus, providing meaningful insights to users for efficient management of raw materials. The data collected by the sensors is sent to the Politrace condition monitoring portal at high security. Users are able to keep a closer eye on their inventories anywhere at any time by using Politrace web-based user interface.

Rotary Valve Condition Monitoring

Rotary valves are essential in various industries for different industrial applications. They play an important role in modulating material flow processes which necessitate uninterrupted operations. Politrace enables its users to monitor the valve’s operating condition variables using multiple sensors during material discharge. Sensors can easily pick up varying signals of different variables such as rotor speeds, valve body and bearing temperatures and vibrations, power consumption, motor temperatures and vibrations, purge air pressures, pressures/vacuums at inlet and outlet ports, and safety protector case detections. These sensors relay the collected data to a gateway and then upload it to the cloud. The user can easily monitor the collected data in real time through the Politrace condition monitoring portal and make necessary adjustments.

With Polimak industrial IoT – Politrace, we transform your rotary valves into smart rotary valves.

Dust Collection System Monitoring

Dust collection systems are present in hundreds of thousands of industries across the world, from cement industries and metal fabricators to food and chemical processing industries. In most operations, dust collection systems act as ancillary equipment because they protect core production assets. Managing and maintaining dust collectors can be challenging in various operating facilities but the integration of industrial IoT solutions can help better production demands, cost-effective operations and unplanned downtimes.

Emission levels at discharge points are a parameter that could be monitored with Politrace and in a case where dust concentration levels approach or exceed permissible thresholds, users can be notified and take necessary measures. Other parameters that could be monitored include pressure drops across filters, energy consumption, mechanical health etc. Tracking the data of these parameters in real time with industrial IoT solutions enables users to make immediate adjustments that optimize the operating performance of the systems.

Quality Improvement and Preservation

Continuous monitoring of conditions critical to quality (e.g., product quality) is essential and can be attained by using sensors. Signals from sensors are sent to the Politrace condition monitoring portal and through which the management can easily receive notifications whenever quality thresholds are crossed and monitor them in real time. For instance in food products operations, variables like temperature and humidity can be of the essence to the quality of the end product. In such instances, whenever temperature and humidity thresholds are reached or crossed the management can be swiftly notified and take necessary measures thereby preserving product quality.

Production Line Performance Monitoring

Numerous easy-to-install sensors are available for monitoring any machinery such as CNC machines, hydraulic presses, rolling machines, packaging machines etc. Real time data of variables such as temperatures, vibrations, humidities, start-stop signals, failure signals, energy consumptions, press strokes etc., can be collected. The collected data is securely sent to a Politrace condition monitoring portal and analysed continuously.

How Politrace Works

industrial iiot solutions

How We Help

Process Analysation

We are capable of coordinating our engineering team to analyse your machines and production lines depending on the requirements. They obtain process-related information i.e., a project’s expected output and determine the important data collection points in conjunction with our customer’s team.

Correct Architecture Determination

To run a problem-free service, proper configuration of sensors, gateways and server networks is key and some of the things that can be taken into consideration include production site location, current configuration network, safety concerns and service suppliers. We are capable of analysing your production lines and offer reliable architecture.

Supplying IIoT Platfroms and Equipment

We provide simple-to-install sensors and gateways together with appropriate mechanical and electrical connectors. Our customers are free to use sensor and gateway brands of their choosing. Polimak IIoT software platform is user friendly and provides simplified operations.

Asset Management Service

The asset management service incorporated in our Industrial IoT platform has simple yet powerful features. It is possible to assign assets to teams, furthermore, maintenance schedules, manuals, documents and photos can be easily added and traced from anywhere at any time. Our systems ensure full control of individual assets in the plant by operators.

Data Visualization and Analytic Service

Polimak Industrial IoT solution opens the doors to the magic world of big data analytics. It readies various facilities for the future concerning business intelligence, predictive quality and maintenance, and artificial intelligence algorithms in a secure and user-friendly manner.

Benefits of Industrial IoT

Polimak Industrial Internet of Things solution – Poltrace presents the right data at the right time, hence users have their desired information at the snap of their fingers to make precise decisions. Some of the benefits offered by Politrace include the following:

  • Predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • Machine health and condition monitoring.
  • On-time alerts and notifications on any abnormalities.
  • Improved machinery performance.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Detailed downtime analysis and optimised machine utilisation.

Industrial IoT FAQ

What is the Industrial IoT?

In the context of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) – also referred to as Industrial Internet, is typically the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to bring machines and processes  together for the purposes of monitoring, exchanging, collecting and analyzing real-time data from sensors to provide significant insights. IIoT integrates machine learning (ML) and big data to harness sensor data.

What does Industry 4.0 refer to?

Industry 4.0 is a phase, a place in time in the Industrial Revolution. It simply refers to the fourth Industrial Revolution which is about translating data into information. Industry 4.0 encompasses a lot including IIoT and smart  production, automation, big data, digital transformation and machine learning to create a more complete and improved ecosystem connection for various manufacturing industries.

What is the difference between IoT and IIoT?

Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT is a subcategory of the Internet of Things – IoT, however, the two are targeted at distinct application categories. IoT refers to devices that are embedded with sensors, software and other technologies that allow these devices (things) to connect and exchange data with different devices and systems through the internet. On the other hand, IIoT refers to interconnected sensors, machines and other networked industrial devices with computers in operating industries. IoT is more client-centric (customer-oriented) whereas IoT is industrial-centric.

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Why Polimak Industrial IoT Solution?

So many IoT platforms are provided by software companies that do not have expertise in industrial processes. We have expertise in a wide range of industrial processes and know the real meaning if the collected data.

What is Predictive Quality?

Predictive quality analytics simply refers to the process of analysing incoming data to identify and solve problems beforehand. It helps manufacturing industries reduce quality losses by identifying problem root causes effectively, thus, preventing losses in advance.

Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance: What is the difference?

Preventive maintenance (PM) and Predictive maintenance (PdM) are how the majority of industries implement industrial maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance: PdM is a data-driven method that utilises performance monitoring tools to predict possible faults and fix them ahead of time. This maintenance technique is aimed at reducing repair costs and downtime caused by faulty components.

Preventive Maintenance: PM is a maintenance technique implemented daily to reduce downtime and machinery failure probabilities. Preventive maintenance encompasses numerous factors including repairs, cleaning, lubrications and faulty components replacement.

Simply put, predictive maintenance – PdM relies on real-time data and uses it to send warning signals whenever a fault is noted, whereas preventive maintenance – PM relies on common practices and historic data.