Bin Activator


The fluidity of some dry bulk materials is at times so flawed that material discharge from the upstream equipment (silos, bins, etc.,) with flow aids such as pneumatic hammers, air cannons or even fluidised pads is not possible. The lack of fluidity introduces bulk material processing difficulties such as bridging, arching, or ratholing during the discharge of the material from upstream equipment. Shaking or hammering the bulk container to allow bulk material discharge might seem like something to consider but instead, this is a difficult and sometimes dangerous approach, especially when handling containers with large capacities. However, the bin activator is one of the best flow aid and discharging equipment for such bulk materials because it renders the possibility of shaking the bulk material through vibrations without agitating the upstream equipment. This possibility is achieved with the help of an engineered polymer seal that forms a flexible connection between the bin activator and the respective upstream unit.
A bin activator is a conical-shaped equipment used to provide continuous gravity flow of the bulk solid materials. It is used to feed downstream equipment such as conveyors, hoppers, rotary feeders etc., installed to its outlet port. Polimak designs and manufactures bin activators for various bulk industries such as mining, cement, food, plastics etc.


Polimak’s conical-shaped bin activators render special benefits to industrial users for a vast range of applications. Some of the significant design components of the equipment include the following:

Baffle Plate

The internal tapered-conical shaped baffle plate is positioned at the diameter centre of the bin activator. The baffle is rigidly attached to the body of the equipment using structural steel parts. It facilitates the bulk material flow from the upstream equipment by inducing vibrations directly to the material. The baffle also eases the weight of the bulk material from the lower portion of the bin activator by acting as a wedge below the material and thrusts it around the areas adjacent to the surface of the cone.Our baffle plates come in various configurations (convex plates and cone plates) and angles (15°, 30°, 45°, or even 60°) depending on the flow characteristics of the handled bulk material and type of application.
For efficient and smooth discharging of the dry bulk material, an additional baffle plate (secondary baffle) can be installed in the system. It prevents the jamming and compacting of the bulk material at the outlet, thereby allowing dry solids to flow steadily through the outlet.

Engineered Polymer Seal and Suspensions

The special spring suspension links and the engineered polymer seal collectively form a flexible connection between the bin activator and the equipment configured above it.
Proper design and installation of the polymer seal, prevents the seal from slipping off and the leakage of the dry bulk material. In addition, high-stress resistance and durability over time are guaranteed. These stresses are caused by motor vibrations, pressure conditions etc.
The special spring suspensions externally installed to the system offer full resilience to the vibrations of the cone head. They ensure that the generated vibrations do not agitate the upstream equipment structure rather than the cone itself.


In order to fit the bin activator, the silo’s cone has to be shorter than usual. This leaves a wide outlet portion. A flange that is provided together with the bin activator is separately welded to the outlet (slightly above the outlet) of the silo on the production site. The cone is bolted to the flange when installed to the silo.

Electric Vibrator

A vibratory motor is externally mounted to the system. When powered, the electric vibrator generates vibration of the bin activator that causes the steady dry bulk material flow within the system. One or two vibratory motors can be externally installed to the system.


The bin activator functions on the principle of convergence in relation to its shape – cone. The bulk solid material moves from a larger diameter inlet to a smaller diameter outlet of the bin activator when discharging the bulk material from upstream equipment (silo, bin etc.,) to downstream equipment (feeder, container etc.,).
During operation, mild vibrations of the bin activator generated by the synchronised vibrator and motor are transmitted to the dry solid material inside the silo resulting in fluent material flow through the bin activator into the connected unit. The system’s vibration levels can be easily adjusted. The motor is housed in a single seal enclosure with no belts to slip or break. The single seal enclosure ensures that there is no oil leakage, hence, preventing material contamination. Positive discharge is attained if the outlet is large enough and there is no downstream equipment to impede the flow of the bulk material. In addition to the outlet being large enough, a secondary baffle can be utilised. The secondary baffle helps prevent the jamming and compacting of the bulk material at the outlet.


Depending on the handled dry bulk material, our bin activators are manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel or other types of steel. Some of the bulk materials processed using our bin activators include starch, milk powder, wheat flour, sugar, salt, bran, coffee powder, spices, rubber powder, calcium sulphate, cement, aluminium hydrate, carbon black, soot, sodium sulphate, sand, calcium carbonate, dolomite, titanium dioxide, limestone, talcum powder, copper oxide, alumina etc.


Polimak’s bin activators are available in a vast range for handling various types of dry bulk materials stored in different vessels of different capacities. They render many advantages to the user industries. Some of the significant benefits our bin activators offer are:

  • Complete resilience to the vibrating dish head provided by special spring suspensions.
  • Flexible seal connections at the inlet and outlet to ensure safe connections.
  • Excellent performance with low energy consumption.
  • Easy to fit and low maintenance.
  • High functioning efficiency.
  • Housed motor in a single seal enclosure.
  • Smooth discharge assurance.


Some of the options and accessories that complement our bin activators include:

  • Secondary baffle plate.
  • Slide gate valve mounted to the bin activator’s outlet.
  • Butterfly valve installed on the outlet of the bin activator.
  • Diverter valve connected to the bin activator’s outlet.