Bin Activator Industrial Applications

Companies have been storing finished products or dry bulk raw materials in storage equipment such as silos since the industrial revolution. The extraction of cereals has not possed much of a problem. However, the extraction of other bulk materials such as flour, metal oxides etc., causes problems during extraction from the silo without manual intervention. Bin Activators also known as vibro dischargers are the perfect solution when dealing with such problems. Vibro dischargers impart vibrations to the dry bulk material directly and the vibrations are isolated from affecting the upstream or downstream equipment through the use of flexible seals. Bin activators are used in industries such as mining, food, cement, plastics etc.

Bin Activator for Silo Discharge

Bin Activator for Silo DischargeVibrating silo dischargers can be used to facilitate the extraction of dry bulk materials from silos. A flange is welded to the silo cone and the silo discharger is bolted to this flange. During the bulk material discharge from the silo, the bin activator generates vibrations that are transmitted to the bulk material inside the silo, which in turn promotes uniform bulk material flow.

Bin Activator for Hopper Discharge

Bin Activator for Hopper DischargeSimilar to the way the bin activator is utilised in extracting dry bulk materials from silos, the bin activator is used in the same way with hoppers. It is installed under the hopper. The vibrating bin discharger ensures a continual flow of the bulk material from the hopper to the downstream equipment by using controlled vibrations.


Options And Accessories

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We provide a wide selection of industrial production vibrating bin dischargers (or bin activators) with innovative options and accessories. These options and accessories ensure smooth and efficient operations as well as safe function over time.

Technical Documents

Technical catalogues, product brochures, installation, operation and maintenance manuals of bin activators.