Bin Activator Options and Accessories

Polimak offers a broad selection of industrial production bin activators (or vibrating dischargers) with innovative options and accessories. These options and accessories ensure smooth and efficient functions as well as safe operation over time. Some of the options and accessories that allow enhanced material handling by our bin activators include:

Secondary Baffle

Secondary BaffleFor efficient and smooth discharging of the dry bulk material from the lower portion of the vibrating discharger, an additional baffle plate commonly known as a secondary baffle can be installed in the system. It prevents the jamming and compacting of the bulk material at the bin activator’s outlet, thereby allowing the dry solids to flow steadily through the outlet.

Slide Gate Valves

Slide Gate ValvesSlide gate valves are designed to render efficient flow control of the free-flowing dry bulk material. They are designed to fit the circular or rectangular/square flange of the equipment they are mounted to. The slide gate is installed to the outlet of a vibrating discharger, where it is used for opening and closing the dry bulk material discharge to downstream equipment. It also makes easier the maintenance operations of the mounted downstream equipment. It can be configured to be operated automatically or manually.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly ValvesSimilar to the slide gate valves, the butterfly valves are also designed to offer efficient flow control of the free-flowing dry solids. The butterfly valve consists of a rotating (up to 90 degrees) disc installed in a hollow body. The valve is mounted to the exit port of a vibrating discharger. It is used to regulate the bulk solid’s flow from a bin activator to installed downstream equipment. This is achieved by the rotating disc. When fully opened, it becomes parallel to the dry solid’s flow permitting minimum resistance. As it gets closed, it gradually becomes perpendicular to the dry solid’s flow, thereby, reducing its flow. It also functions as a shutoff valve and completely prevents the dry bulk material flow.

Diverter Valves

Diverter ValvesFlap type diverter valves are connected to the outlet port(s) of a vibrating discharger and are utilised for the redirection of the bulk material flow to two or more downstream equipment. A diverter valve consists of a hinged flap, hence the name ‘flap type diverter valve’. The hinged flap is responsible for diverting the flow of the dry bulk material inside the valve.

Vibration Sensor

A vibration sensor is used to detect the bin activator functionality throughout the operation. The sensor is equipped to the system and it is responsible for perceiving the bin activator’s vibrations. In the case where the system’s operation is started and the vibrations are faulty, the sensor alerts the user and the necessary precautions are taken.

Flexible Connector Sleeve

Flexible Connector SleeveA flexible sleeve is used to cover the gap between a bin activator and upstream or downstream equipment. Typically, a polyurethane sleeve is used as a flexible sleeve connector. Instead of the polyurethane seal, Polimak offers another option which is the use of a silicone connector seal.

Multiple Outlets

Multiple OutletsThis option promotes the flow of the dry bulk material from a single upstream equipment into several separate downstream systems. The multiple outlets design eliminates the demand for using a downstream diverter valve, hence, reducing the overall system cost.

Custom Designed Internal Baffles

Custom Design Internal BafflesCustom designed internal baffles are available in a wide range of configurations in accordance with industrial applications. They are mainly utilised for damaging bridges, segregation or rathole formation. Our bin dischargers incorporate various internal baffle designs (convex deflector, conical deflector or compound deflector), that promote a continuous flow of the dry bulk material through the system without bridging or jamming.


Options And Accessories

Slide Gate Valves

We provide a wide selection of industrial production vibrating bin dischargers (or bin activators) with innovative options and accessories. These options and accessories ensure smooth and efficient operations as well as safe function over time.

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