Screw Conveyors & Feeders

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Screw Feeders and Conveyors


Bulk material handling processes including plastics production, power plants, construction, food processing and mining depend heavily on industrial bulk material transportation equipment such as screw feeders and screw conveyors also known as helical conveyors. They are used in conveying powdered and granular materials mechanically. There exist wide range of screw conveyor types and configurations. The physical properties of bulk solids and type of application effects the design of screw feeder. Conveying capacity, horizontal and vertical distances, type of bulk solid should be considered to select a proper screw conveyor model. Screw diameter, screw pitch, inlet and outlet dimensions, motor power and casing type are major properties of screw conveyors., Polimak designs and manufactures the screw conveyors to meet specific design parameters and applications.