Big Bag Discharge and Loading System

Big Bag Discharge and Loading System

Mobile big bag discharge silo truck loading system

System Description

The mobile big bag discharge and loading systems are used for efficiently discharging big bags and dust-free loading of bulk tanker trucks. The system consists of a mobile platform, big bag discharger, screw conveyor, telescopic chute, and dust collector. The system can be towed by a forklift or by a towbar for easier and safe transportation.

Functional Description

At the loading site, the mobile system is placed near the bulk truck which has to be loaded. The screw conveyor is elevated to an appropriate height such that the telescopic chute is connected to the tanker via an inlet port. The screw conveyor’s elevation is accomplished with the help of the screw jacks. After the successful setup of the system, the big bag is brought to the loading site by a forklift. The big bags with flat bases are placed on the discharging hooper (hooper with an inbuilt knife), the knife creates an opening below the bag for bulk material release and the bag is emptied in this manner. In the case of big bags with emptying spouts, an operator unties the spout for material release. When the material is released to the hooper, it is passed to the screw conveyor where it is conveyed to fill the truck. The bulk material is supplied to the truck from the screw conveyor via a telescopic chute.
At the beginning of loading process, the telescopic chute (also known as the loading bellow) is lowered and stops automatically when it reaches to the tanker’s inlet. A polyurethane coated discharge cone fits the vessel inlet to prevent any dust emission during the loading process. The material falls freely through the inner side of the chute.

During the loading process, emitted dust is captured by a dust collector which is connected to the telescopic chute and big bag discharging hopper. The floating dust content inside the system is trapped by the filter units and sent back to the hopper with the help of automatically operated pulse jet valves.

The level sensor located at the chute’s outlet monitors the material level inside the tanker and stops loading when it is full. The loading bellow retracts to its initial position automatically. When loading is over, using the control panel, an operator can bring the srew conveyor to its initail position by means of the screw jacks. The loading bellow is used for safe and dust-free loading of the bulk truck. All the components of the system are customized to accommodate its application requirements.

Components of the system

Big Bag Discharge Hopper

This is used for discharging big bags and transfers the material to the screw conveyor. It has metal grating for simpler handling of big bags.

The following options are available:

  • Cutting knife to cut the big bags instantly when placed on the hopper.
  • Fluidizing air jets to aid product flow inside the hopper.
  • Vibrating engine to ensure a good flow of the product.

Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor enables the transfer of the material conveyed from cyclone to tanker loading bellow. It can be brought to its initial position when the system is to be moved to another location and It is driven by an electrical motor with a gearbox. The elevation is controlled by the screw jacks.

Screw Jacks

They enable the movement of the screw conveyor and telescopic chute upwards and downwards. When the system is installed on site, the screw conveyor is elevated with the help of automatic screw jacks. When loading is over, the screw jacks lower the screw conveyor to its initial position.

Loading Bellow

The loading bellow or the telescopic chute is used for safe and dust-free loading of the bulk tanker truck. It driven by an electrical motor with a gearbox.

Dust Collection System

The dust collection system captures the dust created during the loading of the tanker truck. Once the dusty air is filtered, the clean air is passed out and the dust collected inside the filter is transferred to the screw feeder.

Air Compressor

It is used to supply pressurized air needed to operate a dust collector. It has a maximum pressure of 6 bars.

Electrical Control Panel

There is an electrical panel to control the components in the system. A cabled remote control and a wireless remote control maybe used for control purposes. All the components can be controlled from the electrical panel.

The Mobile Chassis

The whole system is connected to a chassis that allows the transportation of the system to the desired location by a towbar, a forklift, or a vehicle. It has 4 wheels and has swivel jacks to provide rigidity during truck loading.

Other available options are the air jets. They help with the product flow inside the hopper and the vibrator ensures complete and quick flow of the material.

Advantages of the Big Bag Discharge and Loading System

  • It is the ideal system when the product is in large bags
  • Efficient (Efficient for nearly every throughput capacities)
  • Offers high standards for material, plant and operators protection.
  • Low dust emission
  • Economical
  • Robust