Big Bag Discharging System Models

  Big bag discharging systems have wide variety of components for wide range of applications.  

Upper Frame Models of Big Bag Discharging System


Open Top Big Bag Discharge Station

If big bags are delivered with forklift or overhead crane, big bag unloading system can be used without upper frame. Big bag is placed on discharge hopper by overhead crane or forklift. Easy flowing dry bulk solids can be discharged with this configuration. Bulk products can flow through big bag bottom discharge spout and loaded into hopper. Pneumatic pistons placed on side frames are available as an option to aid emptying of bigbag. These pneumatically actuated massage cylinders apply side forces to the big bag. Massaging system is especially effective when the storage in big bag cause problems with compacted, compressed materials and where vibration aids can cause further compression and prevent uniform discharge.

Jumbo bag discharger unit

Big Bag Discharger Upper Frame With Big Bag Hanging Unit

Big bag hanging units are used on upper frames to hold bigbags brought by overhead cranes and forklifts. A lifting cross is put over the big bag. Big bag straps or handles are fixed to the hooks of lifting cross. It is then lifted together with bigbag by crane or forklift and placed on top frame hanging unit. An optional spring and damper mechanism applies upwards force to lifting cross. When raw material begins discharging, this mechanism moves big bag upwards and aids product discharge. Side massaging pistons and big bag vibration motor can also be utilized to increase big bag unloading speed.

Big bag hanging unit for bulk bag discharging station

Big Bag Discharging Station With Hoist

An electrical hoist exists on top of upper frame. Monorail hoist moves horizontally on I-Beam shaped trackway installed on upper frame. Big bags placed in front of the big bag discharge station are lifted by hoist and placed on the big bag platform. During powder discharge from the big bag, hoist holds the big bag and aids emptying. Side massaging pistons and big bag vibration motor can also be utilized to increase big bag unloading speed.

Big bag lifting hoist for FIBC bag discharging station

Big Bag Holding Platform Models


Big Bag Holding Platform with Hopper and Side Access Door

Holding platform consists of a rectangular table with circular inlet covered by rubber seal and conical hopper on the bottom. Rubber seal prevents any dust leakage from bottom of big bag during unloading and maintains air flow to the dust collection unit. Bottom hopper has a side access door to enable operator an easy access to big bag discharging spout. Operator can untie the spout or cut the bottom by knife and closes the side access door of the hopper. Dust collector vacuums any dust in the area during these tasks and ensures a clean working environment. Vibration motor installed on hopper aids discharging of big bags. Optional cutting blades can be installed in the middle of rubber seal. When big bag is placed on the platform, these blades cut the big bag instantly and provides faster flow. This platform design is suitable for higher capacity big bag handling operations.

Side access door of big bag discharging system hopper
Stainless steel big bag discharging station hopper

Big Bag Holding Platform With Dust Tight Docking Station

Docking station provides a dust tight seal with big bag discharge spout. This design eliminates any dust emission and contamination during big bag discharging process. A manual or pneumatically controlled clamping mechanism is used to clamp and seal big bag discharge spout. It moves in vertical direction and it is adjustable for different big bag sizes. After the big bag inner liner or bottom spout is clamped, operator unties big bag and product flow begins. Dust collection system prevents any dust emission in working zone. An optional iris valve can be used to control material flow through the discharge spout. Iris valve is installed between the big bag holding platform and docking station. Big bag discharge spout passes through the iris valve. A pneumatic piston or manual handle controls the iris valve. Big bag unloading speed can be adjusted with this mechanism.

FIBC discharge system dust tight docking station and iris valve for big bag outlet
Big bag discharge system docking system bag clamping mechanism