Sack Opening Station Accessories


Dust Collection System

Dust collection system of sack tipping station is needed for preventing dust emmission during sack discharge. Dust emmissions from bags are seen during cutting or untying of bags, product discharge and removal of empty sacks. Vacuum air supplied by dust collector, collects any dust in the region. A jet filter system with built in fan is used for this purpose. Collected dust is sent back to the sack emptying unit automatically and any product loss is prevented. Vacuum air is cleaned with reverse pulse jet system and discharged to outside.

Bag opening and discharging system and dust collector jet filter
Sack discharging system dust collector jet filter unit

Glove Box

Sack opening station is designed as completely enclosed system for advanced dust containment. System has an sealed sack loading door on one side. Operator puts the sacks through this door. After closing the door, operator uses special gloves through the glove box to cut the sack. A sealed window is installed on front side of the unit. After the sack contents are discharged, the waste bag is discharged through discharge port. Built in dust collection system is to be used in this design to prevent any harmful dust emission to outside.

Bag discharging sack slitting emptying system full containment dust free
Sack tipping station dust collector glove box
Full containment sack discharge system
Sack tipping station safety gloves

Vacuum Sack Lifting Unit, Bag Manupilator

The vacuum lifting equipment enables the operator to lift sacks eliminating any health problems caused by heavy loads. The sacks can be lifted, split, opened and contents emptied into the loading hopper in a safe way.

Bag manipulator of sack dump station bag vacuum lift system

Vibrating Bin Activator

Bin activators are also know as vibrating bin dischargers. They generate a vibration below the sack opening station hopper to fluidize the bulk solid in the hopper, make it flow downwards and discharge easier.

Vibrating bin discharger of sack opening station

Air Jet

To fluidize the bulk solid within the hopper of sack opening station, air jets are used. The fluidized material will flow easily and product discharging will be better. Air jets are placed near the discharge outlet flange of the hopper. Pressurized air is applied to air jets and makes the bulk solid flow better.

Fluidized air jet for sack opening station powder discharging hopper

Weighing System

When the raw material amount in the sack opening station is to be monitored, weighing system can be used. Sack opening station consists of loadcells on main frame. Weight of the unit is continuously measured and user is informed. System can send signal to another PLC automation system or system can control other equipment connected to the sack opening station.

Sack opening station with weighing batching and dosing equipment

Sack Handling Automation

Sack handling automation systems provide control of whole sack and bulk material handling operations. Vibration motor, dust collector, weighing system, conveying system etc. are connected to automation system. Depending on the complexity and configuration of sack opening station, different type of automation systems can be utilized. For simple sack opening units a small sized manual controlled electrical panel is enough. PLC controlled automation panels are preferred for sack opening stations with many accessories installed on. These units can also take control of other material handling systems that are connected to sack opening station like screw feeders, pneumatic conveying systems, rotary valves etc. Daily, monthly, annual reporting functions are available as an option. PLC controlled systems have option for connecting to other Scada, PC and PLC systems in production plant for better handling and monitoring of complete production process.

Sack Opening stations bulk material transfer batching and weighing automation systems

Lump Breaker

Bulk solids stored in sacks for long time tend to be compacted because of its own weight and possible moisture in the environment and form big sized lumps. During sack discharging, these lumps should be broken before entering to down stream equipment. Lump breakers are installed below sack opening systems to prevent any problems caused by big sized particles and lumps.

Lump breaking unit of sack slitting unit

Screening System

To prevent any oversized particle entrance into the production line, screen is used. Screening systems are installed at the discharge point of sack discharger unit. Depending on bulk material properties and acceptable particle sizes different types of screens can be used. Vibrating screens are one of the most common screen type used in bulk material handling.

Sack unloading station screen sieve

Magnetic Separator

Foreign materials in bulk solids will lead to serious problems in production processes. Magnetic separators are used to detect metallic particles in bulk solids and separate them from main product stream. Metal detectors and separators can be installed at the outlet port of sack opening systems and prevent contaminations caused by metallic particles.

Magnetic Separator for sack dump stations

Sack Compactor

Sack compacting is an efficient way for disposal of empty sacks. After unloading the sacks, operator puts them into sack compactor inlet. Sack compactor unit has compacting screw that pushes the empty sacks into compaction chamber and discharges them with minimum volume.

Waste bag compacting unit of sack slitting dump and discharging system

Food Applications

Food grade sack openers are available on request. All surfaces that have contact with food are made of food grade materials as stainless steel, silicone etc. All parts are designed and manufactured carefully to prevent any contamination and bacterial growth. Filter bags, valves and other mechanisms are selected from food certified equipment.

Food grade stainless steel bulk bag opener sack discharge tipping stations

Dangerous Materials and Environment

Handling of explosive and flammable raw materials in hazardous explosive atmosphere need special care both in design and manufacturing of sack opening systems. Overheating, gas or dust leakage, static electricity and electrical spark generation should be prevented. Atex certified and ex-proof equipment are used in such working conditions.

Atex Ex-proof sack discharge stations for hazardous powdered materials

Custom Designed Bag Dump Stations For Different Raw Materials

Design and construction material of sack opening stations can change with respect to handled bulk material and type of application. Stainless steel body made of either AISI 304 or AISI 316 is preferred for food materials, additives, PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PET, HDPE, LDPE, painting materials etc. High carbon steel and manganese alloys are preferred for abrasive materials such as arc furnace dust, perlite, quartz, silica sand, fly ash etc. Standard steel is used for general purpose applications such as cement, calcium carbonate, activated carbon handling.

Custom designed sack tipping dump equipment and accessories

Machine Safety

Sack discharge systems manufactured by Polimak are designed to conform human and environment safety regulations. Being CE certified, all safety measures are taken to prevent work accidents in sack handling systems. Mechanical and electrical locks, alarm systems exist on machinery with respect to work conditions.

Sack discharging station machine safety