Sack Opening Stations

Sack opening stations are designed for opening and unloading of small volume bags of bulk solids bags in effective and safe way. Different types of bulk materials can be handled, starting from free flowing granules to poorly flowing sticky fine powders.

Sack opening and slitting stations for powdered bulk solids sac opening emptying station

Sack opening and discharge systems are designed to meet wide range of application requirements. Type of bulk material, sack size, discharged medium, down stream equipment, discharge speed, environmental aspects, ergonomics and safety are all important factors that have effect on final design on sack opening unit.

Sack slitting opening and discharging station

Modular design of sack opening systems make them easy to be configured for each application need. While standard models have simple frame and discharge hoppers, high level models have complete solution in single main frame. Sack openning, discharging, product storage, dust collection, dosing and conveying can all be done in single unit.

Sack opening stations are also known as bag dump stations, bag unloaders, bag tip stations, sack tipping stations, bag unloaders, bag emptiers, sack emptiers etc.
Sack opening station pneumatic conveying and silo loading systems
Sack opening equipment mixer feeding pneumatic conveying powder dosing system
– Safe and clean working environment
– Dust free environment air
– Simple handling of sacks
– Applicable for different conveying and storage systems
– Wide range of models for different applications
– Easy to clean
– Maintenance free design
– Rigid, steel construction
– Filter system for preventing dust.