Bag Dump Stations Bulk Solid Transfer Equipment

  Bag dumping systems can be supplied with wide variety of equipment for further conveying of the discharged product depending on type of application.

Rotary Airlock Valves or Blowing Seals

Rotary valves provide controlled product flow from bag tipping station to the down stream system. Dry bulk materials can be fed into mixers, tanks or other mechanical conveyors through rotary airlocks. Blowing seals are used to feed pneumatic conveying systems and ensure sealing of pressurized air in the pipeline.

Rotary feeder airlock valve for bag dump and discharging system
  Rotary valve airlock feeder sack tipping system and bag dump station

Screw Feeders

Bulk solids in the bags can be transferred to other handling systems with the help of screw conveyors installed below the bag tipping unit. Screw conveyors can be used to transfer products to packaging machines, production lines, mixers or other similar equipment.

Bag tipping station screw feeder conveyor unit

Slidegate Valve

Slidegate valves can be installed below the discharge hopper of bag dumping station. Product flow speed can be controlled by adjustable valve blade. Manual handwheel or pneumatic piston can be used on slidegate valves depending on type of application.

Bag dump station slide gate powder discharging valve

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves placed on the bag dump system are simple valves used to open and close product flow in short time. Butterfly valves can be controlled by manual handle or pneumatic actuator.

Bag dump and slitter system butterfly valve

Batching and Dosing System

Dosing systems feed processes with controlled amount of bulk materials. Depending application requirements, volumetric or gravimetric dosing systems can be installed on bag dumpers. PLC or computer controlled dosing systems are available.

Bag tipping station sack discharge dosing system for mixers

Pneumatic Conveying System

Instead of mechanical conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems are preferred in processes where the bag dump stations are far from feeding points. Pneumatic conveying equipment and pipeline are connected to bag discharge systems. Powdered or granular bulk materials are transferred from bags to pneumatic conveying system and then conveyed to the required points. Depending on type of application, pressure conveying system or vacuum conveying system can be installed.

Silo loading pneumatic conveying system with bag dumper station

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

Bag dump stations with built in dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are used in applications where high conveying capacities and long distances are needed. Bag unloading hopper is installed above a pressurized tank also known as pressure vessel. Several bags are unloaded in one time to the pressurized tank. High pressure air is used to pressurize the tank and send the product through the conveying pipeline. Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are generally preferred for materials like cement, calcium carbonate, PVC, soda and fly ash where high transfer capacities are needed.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system for silo filling bag dumping station

Free Flow

Outlet of bag dump station is kept free of any equipment. Unloaded bulk solids move freely to down stream system.

Bulk sack dumping station powder and bulk solid discharging unit