Roots Blower Options and Accessories


Rotary lobe blower systems have wide range of accessories and optional components for different process conditions.


Pressure Safety Relief Valve

Clogging of the pipeline, over feeding of bulk solid in pneumatic conveying system, incorrect adjustment of valves, high back pressures are some of the reasons that cause extra force on blowers. Safety relief valve protects the blower from over-pressurization. If the air or gas pressure in the pipeline exceeds the process limits, the valve opens and allows air to bleed off.


Vacuum Safety Relief Valve

Similar to pressure relief valves, vacuum safety relief valves protect the blower from under-pressurization. If the air or gas vacuum level in the pipeline exceeds the process limits, the valve opens and allows air to enter the pipeline and reach the desired vacuum level.



The two lobes of positive displacement blowers cause continuous pressure fluctuation at each turn. This fluctuation causes high levels of noise. Blower inlet / suction silencers and blower outlet /discharge silencers are used to decrease the amount of this fluctuation and reduce the noise.


Inlet Filter

Dust built up and small particles will cause damage on blower impellers. Inlet filters of roots blower are critical components to maintain long service life. Depending on environment and process conditions, different types of blower inlet filters are used.


Sound Enclosure / Acoustic Enclosure

To decrease the noise coming from blower packages, sound enclosures are used. Any mechanical noise coming from blower, motor , mechanical coupling etc. are eliminated by these acoustic enclosures.

Advantages of Acoustic Enclosures
Low noise level Easy maintenance and easy access to internal equipment Efficient air circulation and cooling Optional fan for extra cooling and ventilation Optional built in control panel Robust construction suitable for outdoor operation and harsh environment

Inlet Air Cooler

Especially in pneumatic conveying of food materials such as sugar, plastic pellets etc, physical and chemical properties of conveyed material are negatively affected from elevated air temperatures. Air cooling systems are used in such kind of applications where the process air temperature is to be kept below a determined level.


Automatic Blower Control System

Automatic blower control system is a PLC controlled automation system that controls flow rate, pressure and temperature level of the air / gas supplied by blower with respect to process conditions.

General Features
System is used to control the air supplied from the blower units. Air flow rate, temperature and pressure in pipelines are continuously measured by sensors. Air flow rate, pressure or temperature can be adjusted to fulfill the demands of process at any time The control system can be adjusted to supply constant air flow rate, constant air pressure or constant temperature to the process. If the process limits are exceeded, the system automatically changes to safe working mode and informs the user by alarm. The control system has PID control. The air flow control is handled continuously, which leads to supplement of demand accurately. This also leads to decrease of energy consumption by 20-40%. (depends on process conditions) Air flow rate control, temperature control, pressure control system for positive displacement blowers.    

Other Optional Components and Accessories of Roots Blowers

Pressure Gauge Vacuum Gauge Non Return Valve/check valve V-Belt Steel Construction chasis