Roots Blower Applications


Rotary lobe positive displacement blowers supply pressurized and vacuum gases for wide range of industrial applications.


Blowers For Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials

Pneumatic conveying system are used to transfer powders, granules, and other dry bulk materials through an enclosed pipeline. The motive force for this transfer comes from a combination of pressure differential and the flow of a gas, such as air or nitrogen. Positive displacement blowers generate pressurized or vacuum air to provide the pressure differential along the pipeline.

  Depending on type of application, pneumatic conveying systems can be designed in four different configurations: – Pressure conveying; for low and high capacities and long distances – Vacuum conveying; for unloading, short distances, collecting bulk materials from more than one points. – Vacuum-Pressure combined pneumatic conveying systems. – Closed loop pneumatic conveying systems; for materials that are sensitive to oxygen or moisture, nitrogen is generally used in these applications.   Proper selection of roots blowers play crucial role in overall performance of pneumatic conveying systems. Physical and chemical properties of bulk material, transfer capacity, conveying distance, environment conditions are key factors to be used in determination of proper type and sizing of roots blower.
      Pneumatic conveying system of bulk solids Rotary lobe roots blower

Blowers For Water and Waste Water Treatment (sewage treatment)

In biological waste water treatment plants aeration chambers are utilized to remove organic content from the water. Microorganisms are used to brake down the organic material in waste water. Roots blowers supply required oxygen to microorganisms in the aeration chamber.Pressurized air is delivered through aeration pads below the chamber. The air that bubbles up not only provides oxygen to the process, but also keeps the microorganisms suspended in the water so they don’t settle out. Depending on biochemical oxygen demand , rotary lobe blowers provide desired amount of constant volume of air flow. Proper selection and sizing of roots blowers play crucial role on economical operation of a wastewater treatment plant . The field of operation that the rotary lobe blower system will be subjected to consists of the following parameters: Site conditions ;  atmospheric pressure, discharge pressure, ambient temperature, relative humidity Type of aeration system Mass flow of air at any moment in time depending on process conditions Upstream and downstream equipment, filters, valves etc Other system and process variables
      Rotary lobe blower waste water treatment plant aeration

Blowers in Surface Treatment Applications

Roots blowers supply air and provide mixing of pools in surface treatment processes like galvanizing, chrome plating. The oil free air of blowers is important to keep the surface treatment liquid clean.
Roots blower surface treatment technology

Blowers in Thermal Forming Applications

In thermal forming, a pattern is made to represent the inside surface of an object. A thin plastic sheet is placed over the pattern and it is heated by hot air generally. After a certain temperature level sheet plastic becomes very flexible. Roots blower removes the air between the pattern and the plastic sheet by vacuum and atmospheric pressure pushes the plastic down tightly over the pattern. After cooling, the formed piece is removed and trimmed.
PD Roots blower vacuum thermal forming system application

Vacuum Tables

Vacuum tables are used to hold sheet materials for mechanical processing. Router machines utilize vacuum pumps to prevent movement sheet material during cutting. Roots blower pumps provide vacuum air for these applications.
Rotary lobe positive displacement blower vacuum table

Blowers For Fish Farms and Aquaculture Applications

Roots type blower pumps supply continuous fresh air for fish farms (for fish aeration) and aquaculture applications. Fish ponds and tanks are to be fed by air to supply oxygen to fish inside. Positive displacement blowers provide continuous air for aquaculture applications.
Positive displacement blower fish farm aeration system aquaculture application

ULV Fogging Applications

ULV( ultra low volume) fogging machines are used to fight with insects. High pressure air about 400 – 500 mbar is used to spray insecticide with very low size. This makes insecticide kept on air for long times and increases its efficiency. Roots blowers supply the required air for ulv systems.
Roots blower ultra low volume ULV fogging mist application

Other Industries and Applications of Blowers

Chemical and process technology Power plants Cement and lime Foodstuffs Paper industry Flour mills Jet pulse filters, blowers supply pressurized air for pulse jets Aeration of flocculation tanks in mining industry Vacuum systems, vacuum handling Biodiesel plants Dust collection systems Sand blasting processes Painting machines Grain handling Agriculture applications Air knife systems

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