Telescopic Chute Accessories and Options

    Telescopic dry bulk loading chutes have extensive range of optional components for wide range of needs.  

Dust Collector

Dust collectors are key elements of bulk solid loading chutes. They collect any fugitive dust during bulk solid loading and prevent dust emission to the environment. Several telescopic loading chute dust collector models are available depending on application requirements.

Dust emission dust collector jet filter telescopic loading chute

In Line Dust Collector

If there exists enough height below discharge unit (silo, hopper, conveyor etc) in line dust collectors can be used in loading chutes. Filter units are installed at the top. Bulk material flows through the space between filters. Dusty air is collected through these filters. Dust content in the air is trapped by filter units. Automatically operated pulse jet filters are used for supplying air shocks to the filters and sending dust back to the stockpile downside.

Inline dust collection filter for bulk solid loading telescopic chute

Offset Type Dust Collector

Offset type dust collectors of telescopic loading chutes are installed at the edge of top flange with an angle. A vacuum fan is utilized to supply required vacuum air. During material discharge, fan unit vacuums the air from the discharge point of loading chute. This vacuumed air passes through the passage between inner and outer chutes. Dust content in the air is trapped by filter units. Automatically operated pulse jet filters are used for supplying air shocks to the filters and sending dust back to the stockpile downside. The inclined design occupies less height and provides easier installation below hoppers and silos.

Offset jet filter and dust collector for truck loading telescopic chute

Separate Dust Collector

Telescopic loading chutes have outlet for dust collection system connection. Any external fan, dust collector or bag house filter can directly be connected to built in outlet. If the loading chute installation area does not have enough space, separate dust collectors can be utilized. These dust collection units are independent systems that have their own fans, filters and discharge hoppers.

Dust collection system for bulk truck loading chutes dustless filling

Central Dust Collector

If central dust collection systems exist in the plant, they can be connected to loading chutes. Air outlet of the telescopic loading chute is used for connection. Air flow speed is to be adjusted with respect to operation conditions. Collected dust is stored in external dust collector. This configuration is suitable for applications where several loading chutes are to be used together at the same place. Single central dust collector can be used for collecting fugitive dust from all loading chute systems.

Bag house filter central dust collector for bulk solids loading telescopic chutes for trucks

Bottom Closure and Sealing Cone

Bottom closure and sealing cone is used in tanker loading chutes to prevent any product spillage after loading. The conical shaped valve can move in vertical direction. It normally closes the outlet port of loading chute at the bottom. When the loading chute is placed on the tanker inlet flange, the conical valve moves downward and opens the product discharge passage. After tanker loading is finished, the loading spout is retracted. Telescopic chute retraction moves the bottom closure cone upwards and closes the outlet. Any remaining product within the loading chute is kept inside during retraction and spillage is prevented.

Bottom closure cone of bulk solid tanker loading chutes


Material composition, moisture, particle size etc are some of the important attributes of bulk solids and it may be needed to check these values before loading. Bulk solid sampling systems are used to get a sample from free flowing bulk materials. In telescopic loading chute applications, a manual or automatic sampler is installed above the loading chute. During loading, sampler takes out some amount of material from the material flow.

Bulk material powder Sampler device for truck loading chute

Telescopic Loading Chutes For High Temperature Applications

In case of high temperature bulk solid loading needs like fly ash handling systems, high temperature resistant loading chutes are to be utilized. Mechanical components including electrical motors, sensors etc. are selected from high temperature resistant models. Loading chute and skirt fabrics are chosen from high temperature fabrics. Bulk solids having temperatures up to 300C can be discharged with high temperature resistant loading chutes

High temperature heat bulk solids loading telescopic chutes

Level Sensors

Level sensors of open and closed loading chutes have different functions.

In closed vehicle loading, (i.e tanker trucks) level sensor is used for giving signal when the product reaches the tanker inlet level. Loading operation is stopped when the tanker truck is full.

In open loading chutes, level sensors are used for controlling the vertical position of loading chute. Flexible dust skirt of the chute should cover the product discharging region to prevent any fugitive dust and also keep enough space for rapid product discharge. When the product level increases, flexible dust skirt should raise accordingly to provide dust-free and fast loading.

Tanker Loading chutes Level Sensors


Handling of explosive and flammable raw materials in hazardous explosive atmosphere need special care both in design and manufacturing of bulk solid loading chutes. Overheating, dust leakage, static electricity and electrical spark generation should be prevented during material discharge. Bellow fabrics are made of antistatic materials to prevent any static electricity build up. Atex certified and ex-proof equipment are used in such working conditions.

Atex certified explosion protection ex-proof loading chutes

Food Grade Telescopic Loading Chutes

Food grade telescopic loading chute systems are available on request. All surfaces that have contact with food are made of food grade materials as stainless steel, silicone etc. All parts are designed and manufactured carefully to prevent any contamination and bacterial growth. Bellow fabrics, filter bags, valves and other mechanisms are selected from food certified equipment.

Tanker Truck Loading telescopic chutes for food applications food grade chutes stainless steel bulk filling equipment

Handheld Control Pendant

Standard telescopic loading chutes are controlled by built in electrical control panel. Depending on application requirements, handheld remote control units can be utilized to increase operational efficiency. Wired and wireless remote controls are available upon request.

Handheld remote controlling of bulk loading chutes

Communication With Other Systems

Electrical panel of loading chutes can send signals to other automation systems in the plant and can receive signals from them. Operation of telescopic loading chute can be controlled from external systems. i.e truck weighing scale can send stop signal when the desired amount of product is filled. And loading chute can give signals and operate related equipment from its own panel. Silo discharge valves, conveyors etc can be ran from loading chute control unit.

Bulk solids loading telescopic chute automation system for bulk loading spout

Weighing System

Telescopic loading chutes can be coupled with weighing systems. Weighing hoppers, dosing belt scales, silo weighing systems can be utilized to feed loading chutes. For tanker truck or open truck loading, truck weighing scales can also be used for directly measuring of loaded weight. These systems can send signal to command loading chute to start or stop loading.

Truck weighing scales silo discharge bulk truck loading chutes

3 or 4 Lifting Cables

Telescopic loading chutes can be manufactured with 3 cable or 4 cable configuration. 2 cable design is applicable for standard truck loadings with wide range of bulk materials. 3 or 4 cables are needed for high capacities, long chutes and environments with high side winds. This design increases rigidity of loading spouts and ensures problem-free bulk material loading.

Open truck loading telescopic spout chute lifting wire cables

Vibration Motor

Vibration motors are used for discharging residues of bulk solids from the inner chute parts. They can be operated during or after loading.

Vibration motor vibrating feeding of bulk tanker with telescopic loading chute


Depending on the flowing properties, bulk materials cannot be completely filled into the tank. For materials which have low flowability, the tanker cannot be filled up to its maximum carrying capacity. Material spreading systems are developed to solve this issue. The spreader is positioned near the outlet chute in loaders for loading to tanks. Rotating paddles distribute the material uniformly inside the tanker allowing entry of a larger quantity of material. Since the filling efficiency of the tanker is increased, the overall transportation cost will decrease.

Tanker loading chute bulk solid powder spreader system of loading chute spout system

Poliurethane Coated Outlet Cone

Closed type tanker loading chutes incorporate poliurethane coated outlet cone that fit vessel inlet to prevent any dust emission during vehicle loading. Abrasion resistant poliurethane coating provides flexible sealing to prevent dust leakage. Conical shape makes it easy to fit different tanker inlet diameters.

Tanker loading telescopic chute discharge spout poliurethane dustproof cone

Manual Winch Mechanism

For low duty applications, tanker truck and open truck loading chutes are available with manual winch mechanism. In this configuration a handwheel operated winch mechanism is used instead of electrically controlled motor, gearbox and pulley system. Handwheel unit can be installed to any location for easier access.

Manual winch operated hand driven bulk truck loading chute system

Telescopic Loading Chute Positioners

Telescopic loading chute positioning systems ensure efficient loading of trucks and railcar wagons. Instead of repositioning vehicle for loading of entire volume, positioning system moves the loading chute when needed. Loading chute is installed below the positioner unit. Remote controlled loading chute positioner moves the chute to the desired location rapidly and accurately. Bulk material transfer is started in very short time, eliminating the time needed for moving the vehicle forward and backwards to be in the precise center of the loading chute. Depending on application requirements, single axis loading chute positioners, double axis loading chute positioners and articulating arm positioners are available.  

Single Axis Telescopic Loading Chute Positioners

The single axis loading chute positioner has the capability of moving forward and backwards over the vehicle. A single axis linear motion mechanism is used.


Double Axis Telescopic Loading Chute Positioners

The double axis loading chute positioner has the capability of moving longitudinal or a lateral directions over the vehicle. A double axis linear motion mechanism is used.

Double axis single axis positioner for truck loading chutes

Articulating Arm Telescopic Loading Chute Positioners

Two screw or airslide conveyors connected by rotating joints are incorporated in articulating arm positioners. Discharged product is transfered within these closed conveyors. At the end of articulated arm conveyor, product is discharged directly into the vehicle through loading chute.

Loading chute articulating arm positioner system airslide conveyor

Telescopic Loading Chute Vehicle Access Platform

For opening tanker inlets, guiding loading chutes, maintenance operations and similar tasks above the vehicles, operators should have easy and safe access to loading region. Vehicle access platforms provide safe and fast solution for these tasks. Each application and loading environment has its own structure and arrangement. Vehicle access locations, silo discharge heights, conveyor types are designed with respect to plant needs. Though, loading chute access platforms are custom designed for each application needs.

Bulk truck vehicle access platform for bulk solid loading by chute

Custom Designed Telescopic Loading Chutes

In addition to standard series, loading chutes can be custom designed to conform wide range of application needs. For efficient and dust-free loading, loading chute should be designed carefully. Type and physical properties of handled bulk solid, loading capacity, loading environment, installation limitations are key factors that have effect on loading chute design.

custom designed bulk truck loading chutes

Machine Safety

Bulk material loading chutes manufactured by Polimak are designed to conform human and environment safety regulations. Being CE certified, all safety measures are taken to prevent work accidents in sack handling systems. Mechanical and electrical locks, alarm systems exist on machinery with respect to work conditions.

Bulk solids loading chute equipment machinery safety regulations