Atex Certified Rotary Airlock Valve


Atex Certified Rotary Valves

Powdered bulk solids which have explosion risk, have to be handled with care. Temperature, static electricity, spark and ignition sources are to be isolated from these bulk solids. Atex approved rotary valves are used in such applications where the dust explosion risk exist. Polimak Atex series rotary valves are certified with 10 bar explosion tests. All components of rotary valves comply with Atex regulations and provide ex-proof characteristics.  Ex-proof electrical motors, Atex certified sensors, low friction bearings are used in these rotary airlock valves to ensure process and environment safety.

Atex rotary airlock valve explosion isolation dust flame preventation
Rotary feeder atex certified explosion ex-proof valve

Coal powder, sugar powder, raw materials of paint and similar bulk materials are flammable and explosive in certain conditions. Ex-proof and Atex certified equipment are to be used to prevent dust explosion risks. Polimak rotary airlock valves are designed to conform explosion isolation regulations.