Rotary Valve Models

FT Series Rotary Valve

Flow through rotary airlocks are used in wide range of applications. The material enters from the top and exits from the bottom flange of rotary valve.

Flow Through Rotary Valve

BT Series Rotary Valve

Blow through rotary valves are used in pneumatic transport systems. They are suitable for transferring sticky powdered materials. The material enters from the top and exits from side flange and transferred to conveying pipe.

Blow Through Rotary Valve

OS Series Rotary Valve

The Off Set type also referred as side entry type rotary feeders are used for preventing crackage of delicate materials like sunflower seed and peanut. These models are also suitable for hard to shear pellets like nylon or plastic granules.

Off Set Side Entry Rotary Valve

Other Options

Outside Bearing

To protect bearings from damage of abbrassive and dusty materials, the bearing housing is mounted outside of side flanges. Packing seals are used in these models.

Rotary Valve With Outside Bearing

Flange Connection For Piping

Blow through rotary valves have optional flange connections for easier installation on pneumatic conveying pipelines

Blow Through Rotary Valve With Pipeline Connection Flanges

Stainless Steel Rotary Valve

Rotary valves can be built from AISI 304 and 316 steel for food grade and chemical applications

Stainless Steel Rotary Valve

Hardox Rotary Valves

For very abbrasive bulk solids like fly ash, cement and sand, the rotor blades and inner housing of airlock are built from hardox steel.

Hardox Rotary Valve

Rotary Valves For High Temperature Applications

The casing, rotors, bearings and seals of rotary valves are built to withstand elevated temperatures.

High Temperature Rotary Valve

Motor and Gerbox Connections

Worm Gear Reducer Connection

Worm gear reducers are installed on rotary valve shaft

Rotary Valve Worm Gear Box Connection

Chain Gear Connection

Chain gears are installed on rotary valve and gearbox.

Rotary Valve With Chain Gear Connection

Rotor Types

Closed End Rotors

Closed end rotors reduce air leakage. They prevent wear on side covers of airlock when handling abrasive materials.

Rotary Valve Closed End Rotor

Open End Rotors

Open end rotors are generally used in blow through type rotary feeders installed on pneumatic conveying applications.

Rotary Valve Open End Rotor

Adjustable Bladed Rotors

Adjustable blades are used in handling abbrassive materials for longer operational life.

Rotary Valve Adjustable Bladed Rotor

Elastic Polyurethane Bladed Rotors

Elastic blades are used for bulk solids that have large particle sizes and also used for abbrassive powders.

Rotary Valve Elastic Bladed Rotor

Scalloped Rotors

The scalloped rotor design is suitable for sticky materials. They are also used in food grade applications.

Rotary Valve scalloped rotor

Optional Accessories, Special Applications

Inlet Slide Gate

The slide gate is used for adjusting material flow to the rotary valve.

Rotary Valve Inlet Slide Gate

Pneumatic Conveying Line Connection Adapter

These rotary valve outlet adapters are used for connecting the FT and OS series airlocks to pneumatic conveying pipeline

Rotary Valve Pneumatic Convying Line Adapter

Dosage Control System

Different materials can be mixed with precision with the help of rotary valves. The volumetric dosing system is controlled by PLC and computer. Dosage control software lets the user adjust the mixing percentages.

Rotary Valve For Powder Dosing

Custom Designed Rotary Valves

Polimak can design and produce airlocks for custom applications in very short periods of time.

Custom Designed Rotary Valve


Handled Materials By Airlock

Cement, calcite, ash, glass powder, marble powder, plastic pellets, sawdust, pvc, fly ash, coal, coal dust, wheat, flour, barley, feed, seed, corn, chickpea, bean, soy bean, sesame, rice, rice flour, dried fruit, nuts, peanut, almond, sunflower seed, cotton seed, grain cereals, chestnut, coffee grain, coffee powder, sugar, salt, spice.