Bin Activator

Due to the fluidity of some dry bulk materials, discharge of dry solids from upstream equipment (silos, bins, etc.) with flow aids such as pneumatic hammers, air cannons, or even fluidised pads is often impossible. Bridging and ratholing are some of the problems faced when dry bulk materials are discharged from upstream equipment due to a lack of fluidity. Although it may appear that shaking or banging the bulk container to allow bulk material discharge is a possibility, it is a difficult and sometimes a dangerous technique. A bin activator is one of an ideal flow assist and discharging equipment for such dry bulk materials because it allows the bulk material to be shaken by vibrations without agitating upstream equipment. This is possible because of a polyurethane seal that creates a flexible connection between the bin activator and the upstream unit.

Bin ActivatorA vibrating bin discharger is a conical-shaped equipment that allows dry bulk solids to flow continuously by gravity. Its outlet port is used to feed downstream equipment like rotary feeders, conveyors, hoppers, and so on. Polimak designs and manufactures vibrating bin dischargers for several industrial applications such as the discharge of dry solids from storage silos or hoppers. Our bin activators can be utilised in bulk handling industries like food, cement, plastics, mining etc.


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